Music Lessons in Reston, Virginia

From private piano lessons to group music lessons in Reston, Virginia, your children receive superior training and education at Barrett Suzuki Music School. By using the proven Suzuki Method to teach your children, we instill a lifelong love and respect for playing music.

Group Music Lessons

msthdwebParticipation in group lessons is a vital part of each student’s development, and groups are a hallmark of the Suzuki approach. Students have a great time playing together and using the repertoire from the Suzuki core curriculum. Often called a “play-in,” our group music lessons have students play up to their current level in the curriculum and continue to learn by watching others going on further in the curriculum.

This rich learning experience allow students close to each other in age to act as role models, showing their peers the sounds and technique they will be learning as they advance through the repertoire. Students attend their weekly private or small group sessions each month and then two larger Saturday group sessions each month.

Private Lessons & Small Groups

Fall ConcertStudents begin their learning either privately or in small groups. The very young usually do best learning in groups containing two to four participants. In the group, they can learn by watching the other children and parents role-modelling the lesson behaviors as well as from their own efforts. We invite parents to actually learn violin along with their  two to five year old students and we have violins for rent to easily get things started.

About Our Music Lessons

Music lessons begin with pitch training so young children can begin to develop perfect pitch. For string instruments, a good sense of pitch is important as the string player actually creates the pitch in their instrument. We then spend some time on repertoire recognition, playfully called “Name That Tune,” as students become able to name the tune played by the teacher.

The tunes are taken from the CDs that go along with each book in the Suzuki series. Listening ahead like this is also a hallmark of Suzuki learning and greatly enhances the student’s ability to play in tune and memorize as they advance through the curriculum.

Piano Lessons Also Available

In incorporating piano lessons into our studio curriculum, we have relied on Dr. Suzuki as our guide. Dr. Barrett was first asked to teach piano by violin students she accompanied in their recitals. She soon learned that Dr. Suzuki’s longtime accompanist Dr. Haruko Katroka had established an approach to teaching piano called Piano Basics, which she culled from her close observation of Dr. Suzuki’s methods, as well as her own experience, training, and creativity as a piano educator.

Dr. Barrett attended several seminars with Dr. Katroka when she taught in the United States. She also learned from her successors in the Piano Basics approach at Piano Basics Seminars around the United States. By combining the Suzuki approach with the unique finger and arm techniques of Dr. Katroka, students learn to play beautifully.

Contact us today and take part in our piano and music lessons. Using the Suzuki Method, we teach children all over Reston, Herndon, Ashburn, Springfield, Great Falls, and Fair Oaks, Virginia.